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"The Last Voyage"
  Crew Member:  The Former Crew of the Sailing Ship Lotus
  Location:City by the Bay. San Francisco Baby!
  Photo Album:(2009-10-07) The Last Voyage

jason christine last days

Angel Island Harbor

The Ghost of the Open Boat

New Vessel New Voyage
Coasting back to the U.S., a safe landing in San Diego harbor, a visit back to those Rocky Mountains we so love, the contentment that comes from family & home. All of this has fused and fermented and generated just enough new wind to move us from the sea and on to new exploits. It's time to ramble on.

We've been nearly 3 years aboard with too many locales and memories to fit on this blog; and who would want to? They are best kept close.

When we brought the S/V Lotus to her new homeport in Seabrook, Texas nearly 6 years ago(!) and recommissioned her with fastidious care, we could never have imagined that our long, strange trip would feel so short.

The boat is sold. The new captains hope to spend their next few years sailing her down the Baja, running her close-hauled in the San Francisco Bay, and outfitting her as their new home.

Thanks to the many lovely folks who tuned in to read the Lotus installments (such as they were) and a special HUZZAH to those who braved a visit.

We'd like to sign off with a list of our personal, top logs:

1. Out the gate, two weeks quit from work, and then a 9-day straight haul across the Gulf of Mexico. 3-hour watches. Feet to the fire.

2. Enduring the 15-foot seas of Tropical Storm Barry. Barry, what a stupidly-lame name for a storm that kicked are arses.

3. $13 City Moorings on the Manhattan's upper west side--I frakkin LOVE NYC!

4. Sailing abeam Harlem, up the East River.

5. Circumnavigating Martha's Vineyard.

6. A Thanksgiving gam with 200 other sailboats.

7. Anchoring off of Isla Mujeres, where we were married in 2001.

8. Enduring a State Department/FBI Bulletin search in the Honduran Bay Islands for 2 missing persons aboard a 38 ft. sailboat (my mother worries).

9. Transiting the Panama Canal. From 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. no less!

10. That overwhelming peace that can only be had from a 3 a.m. watch, a beam-reach, the perfect swell, balanced sails, and following seas.
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